Rockhounds rejoice: Ruggles Mine in NH to reopen

06-18-2024 11:45 AM


Ruggles Mine will re-open to the public on Friday, the first time the public has been invited to this unusual tourist attraction in five years.Ruggles Mine is part of a 235-acre parcel atop Isinglass Mountain in Grafton. It sits on a massive deposit...

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Three charged following investigation into human remains found at Airport Road home in Concord

06-18-2024 5:39 PM


Three people are facing charges after police reported the discovery of human remains at 58 Airport Road in Concord earlier this month.Concord residents Todd Spataro, 57, Jocelyn Cote, 47, and Ryan Holton, 34 were all charged with abuse of a corpse and...

Hometown Hero: With patience and an open heart, Terry Irwin has supported Concord’s New Americans

06-18-2024 5:32 PM


Odette Kanzayire pulls a thin workbook from her purse, placing it on the table beside a spiral notebook whose edges are worn round. On its cover is splashed the title “Survival English.”Kanzayire has been tutored by Terry Irwin, a volunteer with...

New Hampshire's population is increasing, especially in rural areas

06-18-2024 4:12 PM


Over the past three years, New Hampshire’s population has grown by more than 23,000 residents – about as many people live in the entire town of Bedford – with some communities like Pembroke growing a lot and others like Durham shrinking, according to...

Warner man sentenced for pretending to be asbestos abatement professional

06-18-2024 3:57 PM

A Warner man has been sentenced to a year in jail for pretending to be an asbestos abatement professional, authorities announced Tuesday.Jordon M. Dunne, 28, pleaded guilty and has been sentenced in the Sullivan County Superior Court to felony...

Vermont man sentenced to 25 years for kidnapping woman, son outside NH mall

06-18-2024 3:06 PM

The Associated Press

BURLINGTON, Vt. — A Vermont man has been sentenced to 25 years in prison after he was convicted of kidnapping a woman and her 4-year-old son by forcing them into her car outside a New Hampshire mall and bringing them to Vermont while he was searching...

Upcoming Juneteenth celebrations in Concord

06-18-2024 2:31 PM

Concord has two event this week to commemorate Juneteenth, which marks the emancipation of enslaved African Americans and celebrates the country’s Black history, culture, and achievement.The two events will be held by separate organizations, three...

Undersea explorers mark a tragic day. Things to know about the Titan disaster anniversary

06-18-2024 12:54 PM


PORTLAND, Maine — A year after an experimental submersible imploded en route to the Titanic, unanswered questions linger — with no immediate answers.Tuesday marks one year since the Titan vanished on its way to the historic wreckage site. After a...

Concord expected to experience record-heat with humidity making it feel extra miserable

06-18-2024 11:10 AM


Concord may not break pure temperature records for the next few days as the heat dome descends (although we might, it's close) but it could be more miserable than ever before and for a longer stretch.The record high temperature for Concord for June 18...

Love, family and perilous surroundings return on Live Loon Cam

06-17-2024 3:08 PM


The most New Hampshire of real-life romances has returned to computer monitors as the Live Loon Cam from the Lakes Region heads into its 10th year.The loon couple seen on Camera No. 2 laid their first egg Monday, with another expected this...

Pedaling for peace: Jewish Concord man to bike 700 miles for peace in Gaza

06-17-2024 2:59 PM


Protests against the war in Gaza are often dismissed as antisemitic. As a Jewish anti-war advocate, Bob Sanders thinks the opposite: that the killing of Palestinians must be stopped.“It’s not the same scale, and it’s not as methodical,” Sanders said,...

Granite Geek: Ham radio remains surprisingly relevant, as Field Day will attest

06-17-2024 1:26 PM

It says something about amateur radio that despite its high-tech trappings – they can bounce signals off the moon, chit-chat with the International Space Station, and have to keep track of solar storms – one of the tools used in the field is a rock...

Groups raise concern about open wastewater lagoons at Sunapee Resort

06-17-2024 1:24 PM


A proposal by Mount Sunapee Resort to expand parking has drawn attention to a half-century old portion of the sewage treatment system that includes three wastewater lagoons next to the access road, near a brook that flows into Lake Sunapee.“This is a...

Comprehensive bail reform bill reaches finish line, sent to Sununu

06-17-2024 1:15 PM


A comprehensive bail reform bill passed by New Hampshire’s state legislature last week will transfer certain responsibilities from bail commissioners to a newly-established magistrate position, require that people charged with any of 12 violent...

As community power programs expand across NH, hurdles to renewable energy persist

06-17-2024 12:00 PM


A change that could have helped community power programs use more local renewable energy failed at the State House, after a late-breaking objection from the state’s Department of Energy.House Bill 1600, requested by the Community Power Coalition of...

State police: Motorcyclist speeding at 141 mph in Bow

06-17-2024 11:44 AM


A motorcyclist from Belmont was pulled over on Sunday after being caught speeding at 141 mph in Bow.The incident unfolded just before 8:30 a.m. when Sgt. Jay LaPointe, monitoring traffic from an aircraft as part of the Special Enforcement Unit,...

Wheels to Work program remains in limbo in New Hampshire

06-17-2024 11:03 AM


On Feb. 1, early in the 2024 legislative session, the N.H. House of Representatives rejected House Bill 1520 by a slim 193-184 vote. The bill was aimed at reviving the state’s long-dormant Wheels to Work initiative.The program had been sustained for...

NH is getting older, but its housing supply isn't keeping up. In Rochester, two new projects are filling that need.

06-17-2024 10:58 AM


When her husband died in 2021, Lorraine Blanchard didn’t know what to do. It had been a while since she’d lived by herself, and she ended up getting sick and landing in a hospital. When she was released, she moved into a shared room in an assisted...

Cannonball Countdown: All 7 Concord city pools open Friday

06-17-2024 10:45 AM


Just in time for summer, with schools letting out for the year last week and a major heat wave beginning on Tuesday, all seven of Concord’s public pools will open at the end of this week.It’s the first summer since pre-pandemic times that’s been...

7 shot when gunfire erupts at a pop-up party in Massachusetts

06-17-2024 8:01 AM

METHUEN, Mass. — Seven people were shot and wounded, and an eighth was hurt while running away when gunfire erupted at a large gathering of young people in Methuen, Massachusetts, authorities said Sunday.The gunfire began just before 2 a.m. after...

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